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Tutorial for installing WordPress

Tutorial for installing WordPress

Tutorial for installing WordPress

It is not very difficult to install WordPress, We have present Tutorial for installing WordPress, Just follow these steps and you will get to know about the installation of wordpress.

  • First of all you have to download the files which are in zip file, It has the mechanism that support and create a environment for WordPress website development.
  • You will get a default admin panel , You get this zip file from wordpress official Website.
  • We assume that you are installing the wordpress on your local machine using Xampp Application Server.
  • Open the WordPress Zip file into htdocs folder inside the xampp, You can rename the extracted folder.
  • Now on the web browser and open phpmyadmin by command localhost/phpmyadmin.
  • Create a database in phpmyadmin.
  • Now on another tab of
  • You can follow the steps and install the WordPress.

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